The Difference Between Internet Marketing & Internet Advertising

Internet / Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Although internet marketing and internet advertising involve professionals using the internet as a medium to promote their products, brands and services, there is still an ongoing debate as to which term is deemed to be more suitable. According to Wikipedia, online or internet advertising is described as a type of promotion that makes use of the internet to reach out to prospective customers and send them marketing messages. However, Wikipedia defines internet marketing as the process of promoting products or services over the internet.

After intensive research, online experts have come to the conclusion that the purpose of internet marketing, referral marketing ideas and internet advertising, which is to promote goods or services online, is basically the only thing that these two have in common. Ultimately web advertising and web marketing are two very different concepts. This will become clearer as you continue reading.

Internet marketing is considered to be the bigger concept, while internet advertising is just one slice of this pie. Internet marketing basically includes tools like Search Engine Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Referral Marketing. However, Internet Marketing comes along with marketing materials. For example, any banners or ads that pops up while browsing the internet can be termed as online advertising, which is a part of the whole digital marketing strategy.

Another important point to note is the fact that although the term says Internet marketing, it does not mean that only the internet will be used during the course of the marketing campaign. Other tools like email marketing and mobile marketing may or may not be used as well. So, Internet Marketing is actually much broader and involves a lot of tools and techniques to get potential customers interested in the products or services that your business is offering. Internet advertising is not limited to only ads put up on websites. According to the experts in the industry, mobile advertising, search engine results pages, banner ads, online classified ads, blogs and media ads are termed as internet advertising. More often than not, these types of internet advertising are handled by ad server or a system that handles online advertisements.

Since internet marketing is a much larger concept, it requires a whole lot more attention than internet advertising. The responsibilities that come along with internet marketing are deemed to be much more and needs to be handled very carefully in order to make the marketing campaign a roaring success.

Since there are several different forms of internet advertising, a company or a business owner can pick one or more out and earn a lot of money. Some of the commonly used tools include Cost per View, Cost per Click, Cost per Action, Cost per Visitor and so on. Therefore, the return on investment is much more compared to internet marketing.

Internet Marketing is usually executed by using an expert or a professional to make sure that the campaign goes well. The fees of the media marketer can actually turn out to be much more than placing an advertisement online.

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