Seed Banks: Beautifying Future

Blog / Tuesday, April 23rd, 2019

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A lot of people do not understand the actual value of seed banks owing to lack of information. Conserving species of extraordinary value and economically viable crops is one of the principal functions of seed banks. If you want to cultivate medically useful plants such as marijuana, then you must find out the best place to buy cannabis seeds online. It would be logical to get a full list here by browsing online. If you do not know about the most reliable online sellers, then such indexes will be handy.

Gene banks for plants
Seed banks are also known as gene banks because they can store genetic resources of plants. Seeds serve as the storage for a large variety of genetic information about numerous plant species. It would be apt to say that seed banks are the surest method to ensure the survival of plants of rare species. At the same time, food crops can also get a new lease of life with the help of seed banks.

Demands of an ever-growing population
It is important to note that a substantial portion of the world eats a small variety of crops as a staple food. About 10-12 species of plants serve as significant foods to more than two-thirds population of the world. Their disappearance can make life miserable for a majority of the world population. Hence, the need to protect and preserve them is of utmost importance.

Endangered plants and biodiversity
Plants are essential not only for the aesthetic beauty of the earth but also for maintaining balance in nature. Places of scenic beauty are aesthetically pleasing because of the floral variety they have. Loss of species will decrease this appeal. At the same time, natural ecosystems will suffer a lot. Absence of more than 2-3 plant species in a small ecosystem can hamper the daily activities of several plants and animals. In the long run, the survival of the entire ecosystem will be at risk.

Seed banks for nature
Conserving and restoring the endangered floral species can reverse the process of demolition. Gradual return to normalcy will be possible if humankind can give back to nature the things that they have taken away. Gene banks will surely have a crucial role in the scheme of things here.

Plants and medicines
Many herbs and shrubs found in the wilderness can be effective at curing diseases and disorders. While the medicinal properties of some plants are known, a lot more is yet to be found out. It is a well-accepted fact that many plant species have not been experimented with for medical purposes. Preserving medically viable species is of great essence.

Speed matters
It is equally crucial to find out about all the plants with medicinal viability. It would be a tragedy if some herbs can cure life-threatening diseases, and then they become extinct before steps are taken to save them for the future. Large scale experimentation at a swift pace can ensure that such an event does not occur. Transforming the earth into a better place to live should always be a priority.

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